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Hi, my name is Jordan Lee Eardley and I'm excited to apply for the Drone Pilot position. I've been flying drones as a hobby for the past three years and have accumulated over 500 hours of flight time. Although I wouldn't classify myself as an expert, I have experience with drones that are under 250g and am comfortable operating them in a variety of settings.

Some examples of my work include:

  • Capturing aerial footage of local events, such as festivals and concerts (Eisteddfod)

  • Conducting property surveys for real estate agents and construction companies​

  • Providing aerial photography services for weddings and other special occasions

  • Creating Cotent for businesses 

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Work in progress my own Side Hustle : 


In addition to my experience as a drone pilot, I have also worked as an imagery manager for Best of Wales, a tourism company,  In that role, I was responsible for capturing high-quality images and videos of vacation properties throughout the country.

This required a lot of travel and the ability to work in different environments and weather conditions. Through this experience, I developed strong time management skills and a keen eye for detail, which I believe would serve me well as a drone pilot.

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I am constantly seeking new opportunities to learn and grow, and I believe that my skills and experience make me a strong candidate for this position.
Please find my LinkedIn profile linked below for additional information about my background.

As a resident of Wales, I understand the importance of Welsh language and culture. I am fluent in both English and Welsh



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